The Brief IPV works with some of the world’s largest brands, providing an enterprise video asset management software. With a huge focus on media and content, the IPV website redesign and build required strong imagery, and layered animations to show off their product. Additionally, IPV required a matching HubSpot hosted blog to support their marketing…

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The Brief Blackdot provides a online investigations and intelligence platform for professional investigators and analysts. The website is built focused around their flagship product – Videris. The structure and website was build from the ground up, covering all aspects of the product. Due to the nature of the industry, additional layers of security were required…

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The Brief Uniqodo provides promotions software for some of the largest eCommerce brands across the globe. Their previous website whilst following a similar design, had a number of technical issues and took more time than it should for updates. We rebuilt their website, and work was done to optimise their messaging and structure – and…

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The Brief Vercator’s cloud platform provided a much needed technological advancement on traditional point cloud processing, which of coruse required a modern website to back-up their product. The website build included breaking away from their main brand’s domain, with the build and optimisation of their product focused sub-brand, Vercator. The project also included in build…

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Digital Elite

Digital Elite Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Digital Elite website HERE. The Brief The Digital Elite is a marketing agency who focuses on helping B2B technology companies to better engage with their customers. So far we’ve worked on 7 sites in partnership with Digital Elite over the past several years. For most of that time, their…

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Business Momentum

Business Momentum Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Business Momentum website HERE. The Brief Business Momentum provide executive coaching and team consulting for business leaders. With impressive results, a large client base and over 17 years of experience, it was time for a website upgrade. Business Momentum’s website had badly structured URLs, no work completed around SEO…

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Gripped Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Gripped website HERE. The Brief We’ve worked on over 10 projects with Gripped over the past year, but when Co-Founder Steve Eveleigh approached us about building their own business site, we were extremely delighted. Gripped is an inbound marketing agency, who specialise in orchestrating and executing B2B SaaS and technology…

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Timico Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Timico website HERE. The Brief Timico is a managed services provider that delivers world class connectivity, workplace and multi cloud services to retail, leisure and professional service sectors. Their previous had helped the company grow at a fantastic pace, but it was time to redesign and rebuild the site to…

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Chronicle Software

Chronicle Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Chronicle Software website HERE. The Brief Chronicle Software is a SaaS provider, bringing market-leading low latency software solutions to the financial services industry. They were in the middle of a large company rebrand, which of course required a brand new website. One that would shout their brand to their existing…

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Hire Higher

Hire Higher Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Hire Higher website HERE. The Brief Hire Higher is on a mission to educate the British youth. For students currently in education, there are limited options by way of information around ‘what’s next?’ after finishing schooling. After years of seeing first hand, just how unprepared a large percentage of…

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