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Digital Elite

Digital Elite Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Digital Elite website HERE. The Brief The Digital Elite is a marketing agency who focuses on helping B2B technology companies to better engage with their customers. So far we’ve worked on 7 sites in partnership with Digital Elite over the past several years. For most of that time, their…

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Business Momentum

Business Momentum Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Business Momentum website HERE. The Brief Business Momentum provide executive coaching and team consulting for business leaders. With impressive results, a large client base and over 17 years of experience, it was time for a website upgrade. Business Momentum’s website had badly structured URLs, no work completed around SEO…

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Chronicle Software

Chronicle Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Chronicle Software website HERE. The Brief Chronicle Software is a SaaS provider, bringing market-leading low latency software solutions to the financial services industry. They were in the middle of a large company rebrand, which of course required a brand new website. One that would shout their brand to their existing…

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Cassis Capital

Cassis Capital Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Cassis Capital website HERE. The Brief Cassis & Cassis Capital LLC invests in ventures ranging from real estate, private companies and more. They required a single page website to communicate their wide portfolio of businesses, as well as the markets they invest in. Their existing website was a old…

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The Charlotte Company

Charlotte Company Website

Want to skip to the results? View the Charlotte Company website HERE. The Brief We’ve had a strong working relationship with The Charlotte Company for some time now. Affios has built three of their business websites (1530 Hawthorne, Shady Knolls Homes & Noda Heights Properties) with exceptional success. So when the team decided it was time for…

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1530 Hawthorne

1530 Hawthorne Website

Want to skip to the results? View the 1530 Hawthorne website HERE. The Brief 1530 Hawthorne is our second website focused in North Carolina real estate. With twelve beautiful condos to be rented, we were happy to tackle the task. When speaking with the team at 1530, we were informed about their existing website. It was build…

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