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The Brief

Cassis & Cassis Capital LLC invests in ventures ranging from real estate, private companies and more. They required a single page website to communicate their wide portfolio of businesses, as well as the markets they invest in.

Their existing website was a old fashion, template website from GoDaddy. The site didn’t work on mobile devices, and had light across many pages – more than necessary. The goal was to have a website that was clear, professional and minimal, with a clear route for contact.

The Affios Approach

As with all websites, user journey is core and needs to be thought about. When you’re working with a single page website, you only have one chance to tell the audience exactly what you’re trying to get across.

We researched competitors for Cassis & Cassis Capital, and broke down the structure of their information before wire framing our website. The final decision was to work with three core sections:

  • Why they’re different – a chance to convey all of the different industries they invest in
  • Who they’re invested in – this is a chance to use company logos to reassure the visitor that they’re trusted and established
  • Why they’re qualified – this is where Cassis Capital shows their resume, telling the audience why they’re not just a bank with deep pockets, but someone who can bring more value to the table

Project Results

The result was a slick, fast loading, single page website. The content on the website is clear and digestible, with minimal use of photography. We chose a strong New York skyline photo for the site’s header because of the location Cassis Capital comes from, but also because of what New York represents to the public – a financial powerhouse and one of the busiest cities in America.

To view the Cassis Capital website, just click HERE.

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